Monday, January 4, 2010

4ums Forums Review

4ums, have you ever heard about it? I'm sure mostly is answering by "No". Well, it's because this forum still new. But even it's new, i bet all member which registered already will say that the forum is nice and warm place. And i feel it too, since i'm member. It's has been 1-2 month after i'm registered and i get so many friend here.

4ums is not bigger as DP or Warrior forum but it's good place. If i can make explanation, forum such DP is just like my country, but 4ums is just like my family. The admin gav and honcho is also quick respond and care for the member. I'm sure, in the future the forum will become bigger and popular.

The 4ums seem more interesting since admin make routin contest. I ever participate and win their posting contest. And this is also prove that 4ums is honest admin. Currently, there is 2 contest running, you can see the detail on the forum in "Competition" section.

Well, i'm waiting for your participation to this community. Let's join to the family..!!!
My score : 7,8/10 :D

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Wahm Thoughts Review

Site Name : Random Wahm Thoughts

Blog overview : Pink is coloring background place on this blog. My first prediction is the blog created by a girl. Seeing the head picture is make my predicition stronger. Well, there is no profile placed on homepage, but I know she is girl and using “K” as the surfname. Nice simple impression 

Design : I ever visiting pancake shop called The Nanny, and this blog design remind me of that place. I love interior design of The Nanny, so you know what I mean? I love the design of the blog also. Using 3 column template with pink, yellow, a bit brown and green makes me feel comfortable to read content. I love it. Not too many talk about design, it’s already great. Also love with the mouse pointer (hard to explain, just see ownself )

Activity : 1 day 1 article is my prediction of this blog. Because I find on the history/archive, there is already 14 article on this November (which when this article created, it’s 14th November 2009). No offense again about the activity, it’s already active. I’m sure blogging is interesting activity for the K.

Content : What this blog about? I find there is article about breastfeeding and also drink can called Royal. Scrolling to another page, there is post about contest and about chocolate. Oh, so this blog is for anything . Not too problem, until not purposed for making money (however, monetizing blog without specific topic is hard). Soft topic, simple design, what a good combination :D. K is great.

Overall : 7.5/10